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What you need to know:

This class is for dancers who are 4 years old as of September 15th.  In these classes they will learn the fundamentals of dancing, enhance gross motor skills, as well as basic class room etiquette.  They will be learning beginning technical skills in Ballet & Tap - and yes you can take them both!

Attire: All attire can be purchased at Live 2 Dance for your convenience!
Girls: Pink tights, light pink leotard, and pink ballet shoes for Tippy Toes. Fitted dance attire (i.e. tank top and fun shorts) with tan tap shoes for Tappy Toes.
Boys: White fitted T-shirt, black fitted pants, black/tan ballet shoes for Tippy Toes. Shorts and shirt with black tap shoes for Tappy Toes. 

Other Costs:
Costume: starting at $90 per class
Membership Fee: $55/student
Showcase Fee: TBA
Optional dance pictures, recital tickets

Can't express how much love and patience her teachers show her and me.
- Crystal H.

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