This class is for 5 year olds who want to learn Ballet (Kidlets), Tap (Taplets) and/or Jazz (Kidance). In these classes they will learn the grace of ballet, the different rhythms of tap, and/or the dynamics of Jazz. During class students will learn musicality, develop technical dance skills and receive a strong foundation for further dance education. It is HIGHLY recommended that dancers take the Kidlet class in addition to the Kidance and/or Taplet classes. Dancer must be 5 as of September 15th.


Girls: pink tights, light blue leotard, and pink leather ballet shoes for Kidlets and Kidance. Fitted dance attire (i.e. tank top and fun shorts) with tan tap shoes for Taplets.  

Boys: White fitted T-shirt, black fitted pants, black ballet shoes for Kidlets & Kidance. Shorts and shirt with black tap shoes for Taplets. 

Monthly Tuition:

30min Classes: $35/mo​​

1st class - full price

2nd class - 10% off

3rd class - 15% off

4+ class(es) - 20% off

discount is per class, not total tuition payment

Have another dancer in the family? Click here for
information on multi-class discounts. 

Other Costs:

Costume: $75 each for 1st & 2nd classes, cost of 3rd class is TBD based on costume options (it will be $75 or less)

Membership Fee: $35/student

Showcase Fee: TBA

Optional dance pictures, recital tickets