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Age 2-3

What you need to know:

Welcome to our Dance Class for ages 2-3 as of September 15th! Packed with fun, movement, and joy, our classes introduce little ones to the world of dance in a playful and nurturing setting. Through engaging activities, children learn about being in a classroom, develop essential motor skills, and build a foundation for lifelong learning. Join us for a delightful experience where your child will dance, grow, and smile!

Attire: Please purchase attire through the studio. 
Girls: Pink tights, wisteria leotard with attached skirt, and pink ballet shoes. 
Boys: White or Gray fitted T-shirt, black fitted pants or shorts, black/tan ballet shoes

Other Costs:
Costume: starting at $99 per class
Membership Fee: $75/student
Showcase Fee: TBA
Optional dance pictures, recital tickets

It's more than just a dance studio.....more like a second family!!!! - Elizabeth M.

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