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camps & sessions

From 18mo to adult we have something for everyone in the family!

Start the year off with an incredible experience for yourself and the people that mean the most to you! Here's a full list of everything we have upcoming for kids, toddlers, preteens and adults with start dates in January 2024!

Spots are limited to pick your favorites and claim your spot today!

Not sure which option is best? Text 307.687.0207 for help.

Imagine That! - 1-day camps with a specific imaginative theme!

Day Camps - A full day of crafts, music & fun, fun, fun!

Other classes meet weekly!

Summer Dance ERA logo_edited.png

Welcome to your Summer Dance Era, a vibrant hub for our surprise dance camps tailored for children aged 18 months to 11 years. Our classes burst with color, energy, and the spirit of summer, inviting kids into a world of dance and creativity.


With a variety of camps featuring everything from ballet to hip-hop, we offer adventures in movement for every interest and skill level. Our camps are designed to spark joy, confidence, and friendships, ensuring a memorable and growth-filled summer. During our Summer Dance Era, safety, inclusivity, and fun dance hand in hand, led by our team of caring and professional instructors.

Ages 1-3: Wiggle Wednesdays!

Ages 3-6: Surprise 1-hr Day Camps! 

Ages 7-11: Surprise 2-hr Day Camps! 

Dive into a summer of dance—where every step is a surprise and every move builds a memory. Join us for your very own Summer Dance Era and let your child's dance journey unfold!

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