Updated Drop-in Rates Jan. 3, 2022:

Drop in Policies and Rates 2022
30min $15
45min $20
60min $25
If the come try it, pay with the drop in rate and sign up immediately after the class we will apply the drop in rate to their monthly tuition for that month. 

Updated: JULY 7, 2021


  • Tuition is automatically billed to your L2D account on the 1st. You will NOT receive a monthly statement.

  • We except Visa, Mastercard, Cash or checks.

  • Auto-Payment (ACH) is processed for ALL dancers monthly (1st or 10th). It will never process before that day but may process after that day due to weekends or studio closures. Everyone is automatically enrolled in our ACH processing on the 1st of the month. If you need a different date, or different option please email live2dancewy@gmail.com.

  • Membership fee of $55 due at the time of registering for our 9-month season.

  • Communication is done through email please keep your email up to date. Check your email at least 1hr to the start of your dancers’ class in the event of last-minute cancellations due to sickness or weather.

  • We are not held responsible or liable for any accidents or injuries that might occur.

  • Classroom attire is required for all dancers and price varies per class. We recommend you purchase the attire from Live 2 Dance.

  • Spring Recital Showcase Costume Fee is due September 20th, $75+ increases with age & number of classes. The costume fee will automatically be ACH’d from your account on file on the 20th.

  • NO REFUNDS will be given for classes not attended and tuition will not be pro-rated for any reason. Tuition is paid 1-month in advance. Tuition is based on a certain number of classes per dance season, not monthly.

  • Basic Showcase Package is due Feb 15th for everyone participating in our Spring Recital Showcase. · If you need to change or drop a class please email live2dancewy@gmail.com or go to our website and fill out the Drop Form located at the bottom of the policies page.

  • Virtual learning may occur in the event of a studio closure of any kind.

  • Tuition rates - 30 min classes $35, 45 min classes $52, 60 min classes $70, 75 min classes $87.  We offer discounts for taking multiple classes, as well as having multiple family members dancing.  1st class - full price, 2nd class - 10% off, 3rd class - 15% off, 4+ class(es) - 20% off (discount is per class, not total tuition payment).

  • A NSF fee of $25 will be automatically applied to your account in the event of an NSF payment.

  • Save 5% by paying in full with credit card/check or 10% by paying in full with cash

  • Any accounts not paid by May 1st, 2022 will be turned over to Express Collections after June 1st and a 35% collection fee will be assessed to your account.

  • Please call or email if your dancer cannot make it to class for any reason.


DANCING/COMPETING SOLELY FOR LIVE 2 DANCE:   Any attendance to a Dance Classes/Master Class/Workshops that are NOT held at Live 2 Dance must have pre-approval from Angela Hartley. As you can imagine dancing or competing for more than one studio is equivalent to being on multiple sports teams and it can be a conflict of interest.    

VIRTUAL LEARNING:  I understand that I will not hold Live 2 Dance, LLC responsible or liable for any accidents or injuries that might occur from home when using the virtual learning platform. I also agree that Live 2 Dance, LLC might use photos from the virtual learning and post them to social media. I agree that the virtual learning may take place of the regular classroom learning and it is my responsibility to take advantage of the resources that Live 2 Dance, LLC has to offer. If I choose not to take advantage, I am still responsible for any and all outstanding tuition during this virtual learning stage.

DIVORCED OR SEPARATED PARENTS:  It is not the responsibility of Live 2 Dance to separate the bills or inform both parents on any happenings for their dancer. The parent responsible for payment will be the one on the registration form; this will also be the parent that we contact first. We suggest keeping both Mom & Dad as well as Stepparents information up to date.

​PHOTO RELEASE:  The Live 2 Dance Faculty takes pictures of our dancers during classes or special events. These such pictures will be used for Advertising or Promotions purposes. These photos may be placed on social media sites, newspapers, or our website.


CANCELLED CLASSES: In the event of a last-minute cancellation a text message will go out to the cell phone number(s) on file. Do not assume that if school is cancelled dance will be cancelled, as weather changes rapidly in Gillette

COSTUME PAYMENTS:   Costume Payments are due by September 25th, prices are listed on the website. Costumes are ordered the first week in October. If you do not wish to participate in our Spring Recital Showcase, we must receive that in writing prior to October 1st. Costumes are made to order and cannot be cancelled for any reason. Each class will have a specific costume price or down payment. These prices will be listed on the website. Any dancers with costume balances must be paid by December 20th. We will know which classes have balances after costumes are ordered. After the balance is paid you will be able to take home your costume. L2D reserves the right to issue your dancers costume to someone else without a refund. 

​OTHER DANCE RELATED FEES:  We try to be upfront with all the costs associated with dance, like many sports there are other things that might need to be paid for like uniforms, team pictures, entrance fees etc. Additional fees include additional Spring Recital Showcase Portraits $25+, Packages Upgrades and Tickets for parents and siblings, $15+. These fees are not required for monthly class participation.   

TEXT & EMAIL:    L2D will be using EMAIL to keep everyone up to date. Please keep your email up to date in your parent portal. Check your email at least 1hr to the start of your dancers’ class in the event of last-minute cancellations due to sickness or weather. Notices will NOT be given in class. All L2D updates will be posted on our website and Facebook page. If you unsubscribe, or opt-out, from our email program you will be responsible for logging into your portal and opting in, L2D cannot do that for you. We do occasionally send text messages for last minute cancellations or reminders; however, our text program is not reliable. Be sure to opt-in to texts in your portal. 


​TUITION IS NOT REFUNDABLE:  Absolutely NO refund will be given for tuition or unused classes if a student(s) withdraws from enrollment at any time during the year. In the event of a withdrawal.

DROPPING A CLASS:  Email the office if you wish to drop a class. The drop will take place the following month regardless of situation.  Fees may apply, prior account balances must be paid or will be turned over to Express Collections.  Once tuition is posted to your account it cannot be changed, therefore you are responsible for any charges on your account. Your class will NOT be dropped or changed by informing your instructor. To effectively change or drop a class you must either email the office at live2dancewy@gmail.com or fill out our Drop Form on our website. If you drop a class after Nov 1st you will still be responsible for any costume balances. Remember, NO REFUNDS will be given for classes not attended and if you do not inform the L2D office of dropping a class you will continue to be responsible for any charges to your account.  Drops are processed on the 20th of every month.


​STUDENT CONDUCT:  Be respectful to teachers, parents, staff and your fellow dancers. Treat each other how you would like to be treated. Teachers can dismiss dancers from class if they feel their behavior is inappropriate. This also applies on any form of social media.  Failure to do so may result in immediate removal from the dance studio.

​PARENT RESPONSIBILITY & BEHAVIOR:  PLEASE have your child picked up after dance classes in a timely manner.  Unfortunately, we are not a baby-sitting service. Parents may be charged a $20 fee to their accounts for students who are left at the studios unattended. Your children are your responsibility, please be sure they are respecting the faculty, the dancers, the studio as well as its property.  If you have any issues, please do not talk about it with anyone other than Angela Hartley. THANK YOU. It is very important that parents and students respect all teachers' decisions regarding costumes, choreography, etc.  A parent's attitude is reflected on your student. Please maintain a positive attitude both in and out of the studio.  Any individual caught talking negatively about any student, parent, or staff member may be asked to leave. If it's a re-occurrence, they will not be allowed to return. This also applies on any form of social media.  Failure to do so may result in immediate removal from the dance studio.

PROPER ATTIRE:  It is vital for dancers to be prepared for class. They must come to every class with the proper attire.  Proper attire also includes the correct dance shoes as well as appropriate hair for their class.  If a student is not prepared, they will be given a warning. The next time they will be sent to the office and issued the proper items to have them prepared for class. This will automatically be charged to your L2D account.  Dance is like soccer, if they do not have their shin guards for soccer then they cannot play, if they don’t have their proper attire they may not be allowed to participate.

​CLASS ATTENDANCE:  Students must come to class on time and prepared. Regular attendance is imperative to the dancer’s progress. No credit or refund will be given for classes that you are registered for but unable to attend. Also, if your dancer is missing too many classes close to the Spring Recital Showcase then may not be allowed to perform; teachers’ discretion. Please call or email the studio if your dancer cannot make it to class; it helps us to know everything is okay.

LOBBY:  You are welcome to wait in the lobby area while your child is in class. All children in the lobby MUST have a parent supervising them at all times. At times, the lobby becomes very full and overly crowded, to help alleviate overcrowded halls and lobby we suggest you wait in your car until their class is over then come inside to pick up your dancer. 

​​LOST AND FOUND: All items will be placed in a bin in the lobby area. All items will be discarded twice a year, during Christmas Break and after Recital. Please keep track of your belongings. 

SENIOR TRIBUTE POLICY:  For all graduating seniors, please contact the office for our Senior Tribute Policies for the Spring Showcase.

​CLASS PLACEMENT:  Students are placed in class according to their age, ability and/or experience. Teachers will place all dancer in the appropriate level. Starz Performing Companies placement is by audition and that is held during the summer months.  



As a Starz Company you understand and agree that you will be responsible for the other Starz Company rules and policies along with extra fees and activities that are included with the Starz Company Program. Please see the website for rules and policies. Other fees (competition fees, company accessories costs, etc) will be determined later. There are NO exceptions to cancel this, please do not ask to be excused from this contract.  Dropping from Starz Company will result in a $150 per class fee.


By signing this contract you agree to release and forever discharge, Live 2 Dance, LLC and their employees from any liabilities coming out of or related to any activities in which I, or my child, may participate in. I understand that this is a full and complete release for all injuries or damages which I, or my child, may sustain as a result of my/his/her participation in any activities, regardless of the specific cause thereof. I understand that in the event of an injury, the L2D staff will make every effort to contact me and will seek medical attention for my child if the injury is of serious nature.  As the parent or guardian, I am solely responsible for providing insurance coverage in case of injury to my child.  I hereby waive all claims for injury, damage or loss to my child or children's person and/or personal property during participation at any Live 2 Dance class and/or event.  I further hold harmless Angela Hartley, and L2D agents and employees from any liability for injury, damage or loss which may be caused by any act or omission of any of them.  By signing, you are also advised that the students will be supervised by the L2D staff or Angela Hartley herself only while in the dance studio.  The common areas of the dance studio (i.e. bathrooms, dressing areas, lobby, parking lot, etc) are casually monitored. Any legal fees will be the responsibility of the L2D customer. 

I have read, understand, and agree to abide by these terms when I register for classes. 

These are the policies that you agree to when signing our E-Agreement when you registered.

I have received, or will obtain, a copy of Live 2 Dance, LLC policies and will take the responsibility to carefully read and follow the rules and policies therein. The Policies are located on the Live 2 Dance, LLC website. I understand that Live 2 Dance, LLC does not give credit and/or refunds for class(es) missed due to holiday, vacation, illness, weather, etc. I further understand that there are specific risks of physical or property damages, losses, or injury that may result from my or my child's participation with Live 2 Dance, LLC, and I voluntarily assume the risks associated with such participation.

Please read over carefully and sign below.

  • I have read and agree to abide by Live 2 Dance, LLC's policies regarding monthly installments, late fees, costumes, attendance, and dance attire.

  • I understand that Live 2 Dance, LLC reserves the right to refuse instruction to anyone not abiding by Live 2 Dance, LLC's policies.

  • I understand that Live 2 Dance, LLC reserves the right to cancel a class if enrollment falls below 10 students per class.

  • I understand that Live 2 Dance, LLC and Arts & Celebrations by the Creek, LLC is not responsible for lost items, stolen items, or unclaimed merchandise.

  • I understand that participation in a dance program involves risk and possible injury. I understand that Live 2 Dance, LLC, Arts & Celebrations by the Creek and its faculty will not be held responsible for injuries sustained in class, while performing, or traveling to or from its facilities. I authorize Live 2 Dance, LLC and Arts & Celebrations by the Creek, LLC to secure any emergency medical treatment my child might need.

  • Please let the studio know of any medical concerns of which we should be made aware.

  • I grant Live 2 Dance, LLC; Arts & Celebrations by the Creek, LLC; Live 2 Photography; Funky Fun Fotobooth (herein Angela's) irrevocable permission to use my child's image and visual likeness in all forms and media for advertising, trade, and any other lawful purpose. I agree that all right, title and interest in and to all such images and any reproductions or derivative works shall be the exclusive property of Live 2 Dance, LLC or Angela. I agree that Live 2 Dance, LLC or Angela does not owe me any compensation for the acts that I have consented to in this Section. I hereby release Live 2 Dance, LLC from all liability or legal responsibility that may arise from the acts that I have authorized or consented to herein. I have carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of this Section.