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What you need to know:

This class is offered to parent/guardian and child ages 18 months (or walking) up to 3 years of age.  It is a parent involved class. The parents will help guide their child in learning and participating in the class. Mom/Dad and dancer will learn partnering and side-by-side combinations. For their age, this class will do repeated combinations weekly in which helps dancers increase coordination, brain and muscle memory.

Attire: All attire can be purchased at Live 2 Dance for your convenience!
Girls: Pink tights, lavender leotard, and pink ballet shoes. 
Boys: White fitted T-shirt, black fitted pants or shorts, black/tan ballet shoes

Other Costs:
Costume: starting at $90 per class
Membership Fee: $55/student
Showcase Fee: TBA
Optional dance pictures, recital tickets

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