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  • How long is a dance season?
    We have a couple different options. Our main one is the 8-month season (Sept-end of April). Or our shorter season that runs (end Jan-end of April)
  • Where do we get our dance attire?
    Most of the dance attire we carry at Live 2 Dance and will size your child for you!
  • Can I buy my dancers items from Walmart?
    We do not suggest purchasing them from other places besides us. The quality of items that come from other places like Walmart or Amazon are not quite as good of quality as what we carry. Plus the leotard colors might not be the same as what the rest of the dancers have.
  • Why do they have to wear certain shoes and attire for classes?
    That’s simple, just because ;) Why would you wear shin guards to soccer? Or certain uniforms for a sporting event? It’s the discipline of the sport.
  • Does my child have to do the Spring Recital Showcase?
    No they do not, but it is highly encouraged! Not participating in the Spring Recital Showcase would be like playing an instrument all year and not performing in the concert or practicing soccer all season and never going to a game.
  • Are there dance photos?
    Yes, Angela Hartley-Drube takes the dancers photos. You can find the tentative day for your dancers photos in our Studio Calendar.
  • What if my child is going to miss a dance class?
    Simply log into your parent portal and let us know there!
  • If school is cancelled due to weather does that mean dance is cancelled?
    Not usually. By the time dance classes would start the storm has usually moved passed and it’s starting to melt off. We will let you know via email and text message if class is cancelled for the day after 1pm. But remember, if you feel it’s unsafe to drive please stay home!
  • Do we get a discount on tuition for the month if there is only 2 dance classes?
    No, we figure out tuition pricing monthly according to the number of dance classes per season, not per month. We don’t discount for months like December just like we won’t charge you more for months like October where there are more classes.
  • Can I watch my child’s dance class?
    We don’t typically do in class viewing as it gets to be a bit distracting for the dancers. It is ok if you wish to watch through the glass in the doors. But just keep in mind, your dancers are more focused on their class if they can’t see you. We do have parent week where you guys get to come participate in their class!
  • How is their hair supposed to be for class?
    Ballet is a bun. Acro is a low flat bun. Jazz, Tap, Lyrical and Hip Hop are just pulled securely up out of the face.
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